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Military sweater US MILITARY SWEATER

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Introducing military sweaters, American military sweaters are based on those of the British army, the design is similar to the British army, the material is well 100% wool, considering cold weather It's a pretty tight fit, it fits snugly on your body, it's military-like, it's reinforced with fabric on the shoulders and elbows, and the sleeves are quite long. However, this is because it was originally thought to be worn with the sleeves folded, this is to improve the wind insulation by folding the sleeves, and the thickness of the wool is quite thick, but it makes me think that it is for military use. There are so many types of sweaters in the U.S. military that I can't show you all, but I think it's an attractive item. Because of this, 100% wool sweateaters are disappearing. It has been a natural material for many years, but it may be difficult to get it from now on. Especially, the design of the sweater OD has changed since the 1940s. It is a stubborn sweater that is not, it is a sweater loved by the American army jeep ride, the color has not changed at all with OD and it has survived for many years, but the supply has been stopped

However, you need to be careful when washing, because it is 100% wool, it will shrink considerably if you wash it poorly, so send it out for dry cleaning so that you will not cry later. Is probably the best, it is easy to make pills and it has excellent cold protection, but you need to be careful when handling it

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