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Military N1 print deck bag

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A setting that reproduces and remakes the parts pattern of the deck cap that hits the headgear of the N-1 cold protection system developed as a cold protection system for deck workers of the US Navy. It is a bag of. N1 series items are still indispensable for popular military fashion. This military N1 deck bag that appeared as a new work can be said to be a bag, but it is a feature and fun point that it can also be used as a cap.

There are various ways to hang it as a bag.

Shoulder bag, body bag, waist pouch

Cap The inner is made of suede material, so it has excellent heat retention.

It was made because it is easy to carry ammunition, but it was also often used as a cap due to the moist and cold climate at sea. This is also the origin of the deck cap.

Some people have inherited this usage even after the war

Model wearing

# Shoulder bag

# body bag

# Waist pouch

# Cap

Detailed exhibition

250g of 100% cotton material is used, and it appears in a retro striped texture. You can feel the rugged military style and masculinity

In order to restore the original state of the deck bag as much as possible, during the war with the suede inner It also inherits the patch design.

NAVY print and easy-to-remove button design

required In such cases, the shoulder of the bag can also be used as a belt.

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